Sunrooms: 7 Uses For Your New Space

Enjoy reading, and want to open your home to natural sunlight? Want to utilise the sun’s natural heating properties to bring warmth to your house? Looking for an ideal gathering space for your family?

If you are looking to extend your house and provide extra space, a sun room is an ideal option. They’re cost ­effective and integrate smoothly with the rest of your home.

The Westfarm Windows team have put together seven of the most popular uses for sun rooms. We have seen these transform people’s houses overnight. As you read through the list, let your imagination run free and consider the different ways you could use a sun room.

1. Dining Area

One of the main concerns people have with a sun room is that it will be too cold in the Winter. Obviously a room isn’t a valuable addition to your home if you can only use it 3 months of the year! However, sun rooms can let you enjoy the white beauty of a cold winter’s day in the warmth of an enclosed space.

2. Indoor Greenhouse

Many people fill their sunrooms with plants You can add one, two or more potted plants or flowers to your sunroom to provide more oxygen, and to anchor the room in a natural setting.

3. A Reading Area

Install comfortable couches or plush seats in your sunroom, and enjoy your favourite books in the natural light.

4. Entertainment Space

Install a TV and surround sound system in your sunroom. Consider placing your furniture along the window, facing inside, for an enclosed atmosphere. You can even install a bar along the inside wall for the perfect hosting area.

5. Gym / Exercise Area

Install your sun room to make space for exercise machines and an indoor exercise area.  Your exercise will be more enjoyable with plenty of natural sunlight!

6. Family room

Install an entertainment system, play area, games shelf, and tables. A sun room blends the best of the inside and outside, and is a great place to relax with your family. You can even install french doors to the outside, and supervise your children’s play from the comfort of your couch.

7. Indoor Spa Area

Install an indoor spa. Enjoy the starry night sky while relaxing in the soothing warm waters.


5 Ways To Deter Burglars in Your Home

Having someone break into your home is something no-one should experience and with these tips you can help keep your home secure. A few simple changes could stop your home from an intruder.

1. Unlocked doors and windows

Nipped off to the shops for five minutes? Summer sun beating through the living room window? Decided to leave it open a little since you’ll only be gone five minutes and no-one can fit in a window? Probably better not to – burglars see this as a welcome invitation and you’d be surprised how routine this is for burglars to access your home. Secure double glazing windows can help.

2. Visible keys

These days, it’s not as simple as leaving a spare key under the plant pot. Burglars are sharp enough to take a look around all the obvious places. If you need to keep a spare key nearby, it’s much safer to have a few copies cut and leave them with a neighbour or a friend nearby.

It’s not enough to make sure you haven’t left your keys outside, either. You should make sure to keep your keys securely away from view.

3. Signs you’re not home

Heading away on holiday? Any newspaper subscriptions or milk orders piling up are a sure-fire sign that nobody’s home, so be sure to cancel these before you go.

Likewise, when the lights are off for days on end, nobody’s home. A set of light timers  can give the impression of an active house during the evening.

4. Easy pickings

There’s nothing a burglar likes better than an easy target. Student houses are usually empty over the holidays, and elderly people can often be vulnerable. In circumstances like these, it pays to have properly secure locks and alarms in the home. Our doors have great security benefits, perfect for the security conscious home-owner.

It’s not just the indoor stuff that thieves are after, either. Leaving your gardening tools or kids bikes around is a really easy way to find yourself in need of some replacements, since they’re so easy to snatch, make off with and sell on. Keep them locked up!

5. Hiding places

Burglars like a good spot they can hide in while they take a proper look for valuables. Any obstructions, such as pot plants or statues, set neatly in front of your ground floor windows, can do a lot to stop any loitering. It always helps to have your house well-lit, which a motion-activated light can ensure without wasting money and energy and leaving lights on all night.

So keep your house well-lit, your doors and windows locked securely, and don’t leave anything lying about (including keys), and your house shouldn’t provide any kind of temptation for passing opportunists. If you are concerned about the security of your doors and windows, Westfarm Windows can help. Book a visit today by calling us on 0141 374 2504 or message us.

6 Home Energy Saving Tips

Here at Westfarm, our focus is clear; happy customers, the quality of our products, and the continuous improvement of our services.

We have combined all three for this blog post to bring you 6 tips to improve your homes energy efficiency.

1. General appliances

All over the house you’ve got electricity being used up when you’re not at home, and there’s lots of ways that you can save on the energy usage.

Only filling your kettle with the amount you need will reduce the amount of time it takes to to boil thus reducing the electricity usage. Fill your washing machine and dishwasher completely before turning them on, and try turning your thermostat down by a degree or two.

You’ll be surprised by the difference small changes can make.

Also when you’re ready to go to bed, remember to turn everything off. No point keeping your TV on standby when you’re in your kip, is there?

2. Double-Glaze your windows 

Keeping your curtains closed at nighttime can help reduce the amount of heat that escapes, keeping your home nice and toasty. Or you could do one better, and replace your single panes of glass with double glazing ones.

Once they’re fitted, it won’t only be the difference in heat you notice – you could be saving upwards of £200 a year in heating bills. Having that money in your pocket could help towards other home improvements.

3. Understanding how your home is heated

It’s important to know how energy efficient your boiler is, since it’s likely that at least half of your monthly energy bills are going to on heating. If your boiler’s quite old, it’s more likely to be running at a lower level than it’s peak efficiency.

You can also keep the heat in your home during the colder months of the year by upgrading your doors and windows with our range of energy efficient ones.

4. Insulation Products

There’s a lot of room for insulation in a home, and if you’re doing it right then you’re using the minimum amount of energy for the maximum amount of results. Cavity wall insulation can save you hundreds of pounds per year, and double glazing in your windows can do just the same.

And don’t forget to keep your boiler and your water pipes insulated – your hot water is going to stay a whole lot hotter if you insulate your pipes.

5. Consider switching energy suppliers.

We’re not saying you should give in to the next utility canvasser that rings the doorbell, but consider researching the best deals available. These days, there’s no shortage of available utilities companies, and there’s no reason not to keep your options open and your eye on any deals.

The easiest and simplest way to save on your monthly energy bills is to just pay less for them in the first place.

6. Install a smart meter.

Energy monitors don’t do anything to save you money in and of themselves, but what they can do is pinpoint those areas where you might be wasting energy, and you can decide from there where you could make the small changes that could lead to big savings.


Benefits of Upvc Double Glazing

UPVC double glazing can provide a wide range of benefits to homeowners and business owners in Glasgow. 

Some of these benefits of Upvc windows include:

  • Saving money on heating bills – This is because you are reducing the amount of heating that is escaping through your door/windows therefore resulting in you spending less money to heat your home. 
  • Reducing noise pollution – As well as insulating your property, uPVC double glazing can significantly reduce noise levels by lowering the amount of external noise that there is in each of your rooms. 
  • Reducing your carbon footprint – If your property is better insulated then you will ultimately use less energy to heat the rooms in your property, this will mean that your property will create fewer CO2 emissions and because double glazed windows/doors use UPVC and can be recycled, you will then be able to reduce your carbon footprint in a number of different ways. 
  • Low maintenance – UPVC double glazing doors and windows require little maintenance, this is because they do not discolour or need painting and look as good as new for years after they have been installed. 

Here at Westfarm Windows we specialise in providing UPVC double glazing windows to customers in Glasgow and have a number of different styles and colours to choose from. By having a number of different styles and colours to choose from you will be able to find windows/doors that suit your property whether your property is traditional or modern. 

We provide highly competitive prices for each of our doors and windows and would be more than happy to discuss the cost with you if interested in quality double glazing without the huge prices often associated with the national windows companies. To arrange a free no obligation quote call Kenny today on 0141 374 2504 or email

Why Choose Westfarm For Double Glazing?

Here at Westfarm Windows we have a great range of double glazing windows to choose from in different styles and colours. By offering a wide selection we are able to provide windows to suit every property regardless of whether you have a modern or a traditional property.  

Single glazed windows have been found to provide incredibly poor insulating properties as they generally let heat escape and let cold temperatures in far too easily, this is why double glazing windows have become the preferred option for most homeowners in Glasgow. 

Our double glazing windows can provide a number of different benefits to homeowners in Glasgow. Some of these benefits include:

  • They can help you to save money on your heating bills – This is because with double glazing you will be able to reduce the amount of heat that is escaping through your windows, this will then reduce the amount of money that is spent on heating your home. 
  • They can reduce noise pollution in your home – They can reduce noise pollution in your home by lowering the amount of external noise that reaches into your room. 
  • They can reduce your carbon footprint – This is because your home will be better insulated which will mean you will use less energy to heat your rooms, ultimately resulting in your home creating fewer CO2 emissions. 
  • It can reduce damp and condensation – This is because it reduces internal condensation. 

Our double glazing windows come in UPVC which is superior to wooden windows because unlike wooden windows they don’t rot or warp. They also don’t discolour which therefore means they don’t require any painting. 

We provide great prices to property owners interested in coming to us for our double glazed windows and would be more than happy to discuss the cost should you be interested in upgrading your current windows. 

For more information on what we can offer you please call Kenny today on 0141 374 2504.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Here at Westfarm Windows, we know how important it is to explain our products and the benefits of our products to our customers. Double glazing windows have long been known to offer many benefits, from energy saving to money saving. In today’s infographic we’ve highlighted some of those benefits.



Common DIY Injuries & How To Avoid Them

Fancy yourself as a diy enthusiast? Planning your next DIY project? In today’s infographic we highlight the top DIY injuries and how to avoid them. While you likely won’t be planning on fitting your own upvc windows or building an extension, diy injuries are common even with the simplest of DIY tasks.


How We Are Growing Our Business

.facebook_1430316752864Here at Westfarm Windows we strongly believe that our greatest strength is our reputation.

We have built this reputation by being totally honest with our customers , offering fantastic products at affordable prices , never trying to hard sell a product , using some of the best fitters in the business and giving customers an after sales service second to none.

It takes years to build up this reputation and here at Westfarm Windows we are very proud of ours.

Lots of our customers have been kind enough to leave reviews on independent review sites all over the internet of the kind of products and services we have provided for them .

It is through these reviews and also by word of mouth that we get more than 80% of our work from . That is why it is so important for us not to let our standards drop.

So if you are looking to install new windows , doors or roofline in your property please give us a call or drop us an email through our contact page and we would be delighted to pop out for an informal chat about the work you are looking for , we promise you will not be disappointed .

We install our new windows , doors and roofline all over Glasgow and the central belt of Scotland.